Mobile/Portable Stages (Stageline)

With our own fleet of portable mobile hydraulic stages (Stageline), we are able to quickly deploy small to large stages. All our stages are managed by our own transportation fleet. We have banner packages, as well as extension wings for all stages available.

Audio, Video & Lighting

The P.A. Shop has the experience and the equipment for small to large-scale festival productions in both indoor and outdoor venues. Everything from compact & large line arrays to high brightness outdoor LED walls and hard to find backline instruments, available all in-house.

Logistics & Power Distribution

We can offer a wide range of logistics for your festival needs including but not limited to, 16', 24' and 53' Cargo Transportation, Whisper Mobile Generators, Cable Mats, Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Zoom Booms, Manpower, Stage Management, and Portable Scaffolding.