Simple uplighting can shape the entire mood of a room instantly.

More now than ever it's easier to up light walls, ceilings and objects, due to the advancement of LED technology. There are hundreds of lighting fixtures to accomplish this task but generally the two main types are LED Bars, which are typically approx. 1 meter in length and make for great linear up lighting / down lighting and LED Pars which produce a conical beam of varying degrees (fixture dependent). Because LED technology is so efficient you can generally link several units together from a simple wall power outlet.

LED - All fixtures are not created equal.

Any LED fixture is a step in the right direction, but there are major differences between LED fixtures that were manufactured approximately 10 years ago versus today. The major differences are highlighted in the example to the left, but the overall major difference is light output (brightness). This is all relative to the required amount of output desired, but lets face it, we live in a bigger, brighter, and more efficient world.

While understandably it is sometimes hard to keep up with constantly changing technology, we have always strived to provide our customers with the latest and cutting edge products. After all, technology is what makes "our" world go around!

Battery Powered LED Lights Available

  • Self Standing or Hanging
  • 5 Hour Approx. Runtime
  • Deploy Anywhere!
  • Standard IEC Power Cable for Charging or Plugged Operation
  • Road Case is a Charging Station